Keep Going

It’s been one of those months where a million things seems to be happening at once and everything’s a blur, and the weather is perfect, which makes this business all the more excruciating, because all you really want to do is lie down on the grass with a good book, a mason jar of tart lemonade, and your lover’s belly as your pillow, getting to know Spring in the most intimate way, while the birds chirp in the air, and the sky goes on being blue, and the fluffy clouds s  l  o  w  l  y drift over you as your eyelids softly close to a midday slumber.


But work. Work is good too.

Have you watched this?

Ira Glass on the Secret of Success in Creative Work. Ira is so great.


(Image source: 1. flickr / salutemyshorts; 2. Jason St. Peter)


Little Cup


This little brown cup was claimed on a bright Sunday morning at a small yard sale. The girl who picked it up loved the shape of its ceramic walls, and its deep chestnut color, lacquered in glaze. It was small, and felt warm and snug between her hands. She imagined sipping rich hot chocolate from it during the winter, and paid sixty cents to call it her own.

She took it home, and washed it with soap and water. She filled the cup up with some milk to drink, but she couldn’t seem to bring the rim to her lips. She emptied the cup, and washed it again. Scrubbed it inside and out. Soaked it overnight in suds. The next morning, she filled it with some juice. It was emptied into the sink.

A lesson was learned. She just couldn’t get comfortable with the idea of secondhand kitchenware.

So the little mug was wrapped in newspaper. And winter passed. DSC_0078DSC_0079

Then spring came, and the roses at home came to full bloom.

Snip, snip, snip.

And the little brown cup was unwrapped.

DSC_0127And filled with flowers. DSC_0130

Spring Palettes

I can’t help but get excited for Spring!

Fall and winter have always been my favored seasons, but by this time of the year, as the skies clear up to a brilliant blue, and the trees start bursting with pink blossoms, I’m ready to shake off my coats and sweaters of blacks and greys, to wiggle into lighter, wispier pieces of –

blacks and greys.

richard blackwell

I think somewhere out there a tulip wilted by what I said.

It’s true though, and no matter how much I try to resist, my body wants to be clothed in dark or earthy palettes. I really love seeing others in bright outfits and bold colors, but you can probably guess from my recent style post, that I have a preference for black, navy blue, and neutral hues.

What I do like to do is to incorporate pops of color into my monotone outfits- whether it’s a bright blouse under a black blazer, colorful shoes or a brightly colored bag, I prefer having an accent of color, made even more vibrant by the darker undertones of an outfit.


Another way I plan to add some color this season is to play around with brighter makeup palettes. To avoid looking clownish, it’s best to keep the rest of your face neutral and bare, and focus on one feature to play up and highlight. I’ve been inspired by looks from the runways, and thought I’d share them here –

Bright Eyes -Eyes are naturally captivating, and adding color can really change a gaze.  I love shimmery hues and pastel colors on the lids- so feminine and soft! And the teal eyeliner at Stella McCartney was stunning and so edgy.

stella mccartneyharpersbazaar

Colored Mascara – I sometimes wear Diorshow Mascara in blue, and each time I do, I receive compliments throughout the day. Colorful lashes are unexpected, surprising, and cool, and if you don’t want your lashes too blue, one coat will tint them just enough to show in the sunlight.

Fuschia Lips – Bright lips can dress up any look. Rather than the classic red, I like to have fun with pinks and corals during spring. My favorite lipstick right now is this one.

Blush – I’ve always believed that excellent makeup application is measured by whether others can tell if you’re actually wearing any. I’ll always love the look of a bare and beautiful impression, and adding a pink/coral blush to the apples of the cheeks gives enough warmth and really accentuates a contoured face.petersomkarenwalkerharpers

Spring Nails – I was absolutely moonstruck over the dual tone manicures at Peter Som (top image). It’s much simpler to get away with than those phoenix eyes!  A manicure is always a great way to complete your look, and I’m loving the idea of sheer white nails for Spring.


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