Quietly Beautiful

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Keep Going

It’s been one of those months where a million things seems to be happening at once and everything’s a blur, and the weather is perfect, which makes this business all the more excruciating, because all you really want to do is lie down on the grass with a good book, a mason jar of tart lemonade, and your lover’s belly as your pillow, getting to know Spring in the most intimate way, while the birds chirp in the air, and the sky goes on being blue, and the fluffy clouds s  l  o  w  l  y drift over you as your eyelids softly close to a midday slumber.


But work. Work is good too.

Have you watched this?

Ira Glass on the Secret of Success in Creative Work. Ira is so great.


(Image source: 1. flickr / salutemyshorts; 2. Jason St. Peter)


A weekend hike, a getaway home of a friend with a mighty green thumb, and love sketches that followed –

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Oui oui! Spring is in the air!