Nobutaka Aozaki

New York-based artist Nobutaka Aozaki‘s works make me smile. The first time I heard of Aozaki was from his project, From Here to There, in which Aozaki, pretending to be a tourist in New York, asks pedestrians for directions by having them draw a map to the destination.NobutakaAozaki_WorkNobutaka_Aozaki_map_detail01 From Here to There is an ongoing project, still yet unfinished, as Aozaki composes the small handrawn maps together to form a large map of Manhattan. Nobutaka_Aozaki_map02Value_Added is another one of his projects which I found amusing. The artist takes the same can of corn to multiple supermarket and re-buys it. The single can of corn has been re-bought from 105 supermarkets for a total of $113.07. ( as of June 1, 2013 )
Nobutaka_Aozaki_can_01And another – Open Bag, in which Aozaki walks around the city with a backpack unzipped. Inside the backpack is a voice recorder, capturing the voices of strangers telling him his bag is open. A recording of these fleeting interactions is placed and played back in the open backpack .

Nobutaka_Aozaki_open_bag Nobutaka_Aozaki_openbag_process

Check out more of Nobutaka Aozaki’s works here.

New York

metIf you happen to be in New York, and if you happen to like deer beds and rain, I’d visit this two exhibitions. I qualify only on the latter stance, so I can only wish…DeerBedKatherine Wolkhoff’s exhibition, Deer Beds, is at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in the Lower East Side. The show consist of seven photographs of imprints made in the grass by sleeping deer. Those images of deer beds make me think of peaceful slumber, the warmth of the body of a living animal, and the feeling of lying very close to the earth.

rain-room-moma-ps1008Rain Room is an interactive exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. A heavy downpour of water  falls like rain in an expansive dark and mysterious space, and visitors can walk through the storm without getting wet. Motion sensors pause the rain wherever body movement is detected, so you can walk, dance, and contemplate deep thoughts as millions of raindrops shower down around you from all sides. moma-rain-room Pretty neat.