thin-black-lines04-chair thin-black-lines01-chair thin-black-lines06-table thin-black-lines10-hanger_rack thin-black-lines08-hanger_rack shortcut04 farming-net-collection08 farming-net_square_table02_b farming-net_square_table_all farming-net_square_table02_zoom_bNendo’s designs are near perfection. Minimal, playful, functional. Beautiful.


Magnus Reed on Freunde von Freunden

fvf1fvf3 I had recently stumbled upon an interview of Berlin-based photographer, Magnus Reed, featured last September in 2012 on Freunde von Freunden. The interview dialogue is a great read, and the photo tour of his stunning apartment/studio is outstanding. Find it here.

Something Magical

DSC_0003Something magical happened this past weekend.

I stepped out onto my backyard to wrestle with the giant puppy. And then I found this.


It was just lying there, on the grass. Gold.

I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know what I did to deserve this. But it’s mine now, and I love it so much.

My eventual plan is to mount it above my bed, like this-

branchbranch2 lisa madigan via branch3 via eldrids.blogspotI think I’ll need some reinforcements (both in materials and bodies) to help mount this beauty, so in the meantime, it’s sitting above one of my bookcases, with a string of lights tangling through the branches. DSC_0016

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( Images unlinked are my own )

Sweet Home

whatiloveSometimes I imagine what it will be like to build a home together with my future husband. I think about going to the flea market together on the weekends for secondhand furniture, with overambitious plans set by overestimated expectations of our DIY restoration skills. I think about warm dinner parties together with our loved friends, using makeshift chairs, makeshift cutlery, makeshift space, because the things we have can not capacitate the things we want to give.nice things

I think about living together, praying together, reading together, eating together, sleeping together. And it makes me feel so happy.white7

If there’s one thing I can choose about the interior of my future house, it would be white wooden floorboards in the bedroom. I love the rustic look of them, how they make a room feel so cozy and comforting. They brighten up so wonderfully by the morning sunlight, and create a fresh, open, and airy sense of space. I like the thought of walking across the white wood with my bare feet. white2 nordicskinny white3 stylefiles white7 white8 white amerrymishap

Lovely, right?


Have a wonderful weekend!


(Image source: 1. Tad Carpenter, via DesignSponge; 2. Cody VanderKaay; 3. via adoreann; 4. via nordicskinnylove; 5. the style files; 6. via milenachka; 7. via youhatethis; 8. via A Merry Mishap; 9. via jsmn)