Meet Brother Fuyu and Sister Hachiya. Their last name is Persimmon. Like most siblings, they share many things in common. They’re both orange. They both grow on trees. Both have names a bit hard to remember. And just like most siblings, they are very different from one another as well. Brother Fuyu is shorter, a bit more round and squat. Sister Hachiya, on the other hand, is taller, shaped like an acorn. Fuyu is very outgoing. He’s ready to be eaten right off the tree! 

Hachiya on the other hand is extremely shy. If she hasn’t softened up to you, you will definitely regret forcing her to open up. Her bitterness will make your eyes squint and mouth very unhappy. But if you have some patience and let her be, Hachiya will start softening up…more and more and more…until she is downright mushy! Hachiya just needs some time, but if you are lovingly patient, you can get to know just how sweet she can be.