Open House for Butterflies


Open House for Butterflies is one of the loveliest works to come out of the magical eight-year collaboration between the beloved children’s authors Ruth Krauss (1901-1903) and Maurice Sendak (1928-2012). With illustrations by Sendak, and words by Krauss, Open House for Butterflies is sweet, funny, and oftentimes soul-stirring in its purity and simplicity. A gem.

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Hello hello!

A monthly post has become the norm. It makes me miss the days when I had time to post more thoughtfully and regularly. Every time I receive an email from a friend via this blog sharing a good bit from the internet, a note of encouragement, or simply to say hello, I feel incredibly encouraged and touched. Thank you all!

I’ve been working full-time for the past few months, and am beginning to feel the separation pangs from not being able to devote as much time on Earlyware and other personal projects. I did, however, manage to update the shop with some prints I developed recently.

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I hope you guys like them!

One more thing before signing off – an incredible ad for The Sunday Times created by London ad agency Grey, London, re-enacting art, film, and music icons in one seamless clip. Scary good.


New York

metIf you happen to be in New York, and if you happen to like deer beds and rain, I’d visit this two exhibitions. I qualify only on the latter stance, so I can only wish…DeerBedKatherine Wolkhoff’s exhibition, Deer Beds, is at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in the Lower East Side. The show consist of seven photographs of imprints made in the grass by sleeping deer. Those images of deer beds make me think of peaceful slumber, the warmth of the body of a living animal, and the feeling of lying very close to the earth.

rain-room-moma-ps1008Rain Room is an interactive exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. A heavy downpour of water  falls like rain in an expansive dark and mysterious space, and visitors can walk through the storm without getting wet. Motion sensors pause the rain wherever body movement is detected, so you can walk, dance, and contemplate deep thoughts as millions of raindrops shower down around you from all sides. moma-rain-room Pretty neat.

The Getty

A few shots from a visit to the Getty Center over the foggy weekend –

111012478635I forgot how visually indulgent museums are. It’s a luxury, to slowly wander through the rooms and halls and let your eyes take in all the beauty and creativity before you. The paintings are all hanging there, sculptures frozen, for eyes to behold, admire, question, and pass.

I’ve often considered the museums in LA to be sorely lacking in interesting permanent collections or rotating exhibitions. In turn, I’ve favored local gallery exhibitions within our small art communities much more. But this past weekend was lovely, and a quiet appreciation for museums was renewed within me. Looking forward to more museum days ahead.


Rarely Occasional


It’s easy to get absorbed in work; to get lost in your mind with projects, ideas, colors, words, and numbers. Times when the creative current from my mind to my fingers seems to flow effortlessly, as I knock down those projects and wrangle up every color and figure with my lasso of wit and brilliance, I can surface from that state with the booty of productivity.

But for those rare occasions, when ideas are as realized as unicorns, I like to take a walk outside. It’s good to look up at the big sky. To listen to the wind blow. To get some feeling back into my legs.


These are some shots from one of those walks- did I say rare occasions? Oops, I meant to say rarely occasional– that I took yesterday at a park across the street. It was a beautiful day- the sky was magnificently blue, and a cool wind blew through my hair and against my eyelids.


With a couple of the photos, I created illustrations of words, colors, lines, or shapes they inspired within me. It’s a fun practice, and a great way for me to get back on my creative track. Because after all that walking, really, shouldn’t I be able to run?