Open House for Butterflies


Open House for Butterflies is one of the loveliest works to come out of the magical eight-year collaboration between the beloved children’s authors Ruth Krauss (1901-1903) and Maurice Sendak (1928-2012). With illustrations by Sendak, and words by Krauss, Open House for Butterflies is sweet, funny, and oftentimes soul-stirring in its purity and simplicity. A gem.

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Hello hello!

A monthly post has become the norm. It makes me miss the days when I had time to post more thoughtfully and regularly. Every time I receive an email from a friend via this blog sharing a good bit from the internet, a note of encouragement, or simply to say hello, I feel incredibly encouraged and touched. Thank you all!

I’ve been working full-time for the past few months, and am beginning to feel the separation pangs from not being able to devote as much time on Earlyware and other personal projects. I did, however, manage to update the shop with some prints I developed recently.

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I hope you guys like them!

One more thing before signing off – an incredible ad for The Sunday Times created by London ad agency Grey, London, re-enacting art, film, and music icons in one seamless clip. Scary good.



DSC_0004Treasure seekers of the world…

Have you looked inside a pomegranate? Squeeze one softly and listen- you may be able to hear the jewels inside glittering in the dark. When you open one up, you’ll discover a cave, encrusted with a million rubies! They’ll sparkle as light cuts through the clear kernels of red glass for the very first time.

These are pretty rubies you can eat! Pluck one off, and in your mouth it will pop with sweet and tart juices for only a moment- then disappear. 



When oranges have babies, they name each and every one Clementine, simply because they love that name. Clementines are playful. They love to hop, skip, and bounce, and they love making everyone smile. The truth is, Clementines are so sweet to others because their hearts are incredibly sweet on the inside. If you were a fruit, how sweet would you taste? Like a watermelon? Hopefully not like a bitter melon! 

I think you would be as sweet as a Clementine. When you peel a Clementine, they’ll eagerly wriggle free to hop, skip, and bounce into your mouth! Let their sweet juices remind you that being sweet to others- just as how Clementines are sweet to you- is the best thing to do!



Of all the fruits that grow on trees, figs are probably the ones that the birds and the bees will fight for the hardest, so you’ll have to be quick! They never last long unclaimed. But if you do get to them before they’re all gone, you’ll know why figs are the trophies of all fruit. 

Figs taste like somebody squeezed a big spoonful of honey in them! When you bite softly into a pod, inside the honey-sweet flesh there are thousands of tiny seeds, which crackle and pop in celebration, exclaiming to you in fig-talk, “Congratulations!” for being the lucky one to get to them first. Congratulations!


Not too long ago, Pluto was the name of a planet in our solar system. Every day, every hour, every minute, for many, many years, Pluto’s job was to run in a circle around the sun. 

After a very long time of running, Pluto decided to stop running in circles around the sun. Instead, Pluto decided to travel the universe and visit his fellow planet friends. Since Pluto had billions and billions of friends to go see -Pluto is quite popular- Pluto split into a trillion tiny Pluots! 

Pluots come to visit Earth every fall, so don’t miss them! When you get a hold of one, behold and observe them. You can see the speckles of stardust on the pluot’s surface and taste the amazing planet down to its core!


Meet Brother Fuyu and Sister Hachiya. Their last name is Persimmon. Like most siblings, they share many things in common. They’re both orange. They both grow on trees. Both have names a bit hard to remember. And just like most siblings, they are very different from one another as well. Brother Fuyu is shorter, a bit more round and squat. Sister Hachiya, on the other hand, is taller, shaped like an acorn. Fuyu is very outgoing. He’s ready to be eaten right off the tree! 

Hachiya on the other hand is extremely shy. If she hasn’t softened up to you, you will definitely regret forcing her to open up. Her bitterness will make your eyes squint and mouth very unhappy. But if you have some patience and let her be, Hachiya will start softening up…more and more and more…until she is downright mushy! Hachiya just needs some time, but if you are lovingly patient, you can get to know just how sweet she can be.


While mixing some watercolors today to determine color schemes for an upcoming stationery project, one part of the palate had some yellows, and greens, and browns, and the way they blended together made me think, “wow. that is the color of a perfectly ripe avocado.”

One thing led to another,

and I made this.



In my life, everything just wonderfully ends up being food.



I’ve been reading Intellectuals by Paul Johnson. It’s an intriguing look into the personal lives of the minds that have shaped our modern world. So far, I’ve read the case studies of Rousseau and Shelley, and boy, they both were quite mad and dangerously seductive.


I discovered white Moleskine notebooks! I can see them turning quite grungy getting tossed around in my tote bag, but for now, they look as virginal as the pages within.


I found this lovely ring at a local flea market, and it’s one piece of jewelry I keep on everyday. I like jewelry that are barely there – thin lines, delicate shapes, minimal material.


I’ve been munching on these Chocolatey Cats from Trader Joe’s. The cats come in two positions. When I pluck one that is lying obediently like this one here, I spare him and place him back into the tub, until I find those that are positioned like this-


These pouncers are eaten immediately.

The tub is now full of gentle, lying cats.

spared and scared

spared and scared

Rarely Occasional


It’s easy to get absorbed in work; to get lost in your mind with projects, ideas, colors, words, and numbers. Times when the creative current from my mind to my fingers seems to flow effortlessly, as I knock down those projects and wrangle up every color and figure with my lasso of wit and brilliance, I can surface from that state with the booty of productivity.

But for those rare occasions, when ideas are as realized as unicorns, I like to take a walk outside. It’s good to look up at the big sky. To listen to the wind blow. To get some feeling back into my legs.


These are some shots from one of those walks- did I say rare occasions? Oops, I meant to say rarely occasional– that I took yesterday at a park across the street. It was a beautiful day- the sky was magnificently blue, and a cool wind blew through my hair and against my eyelids.


With a couple of the photos, I created illustrations of words, colors, lines, or shapes they inspired within me. It’s a fun practice, and a great way for me to get back on my creative track. Because after all that walking, really, shouldn’t I be able to run?