Open House for Butterflies


Open House for Butterflies is one of the loveliest works to come out of the magical eight-year collaboration between the beloved children’s authors Ruth Krauss (1901-1903) and Maurice Sendak (1928-2012). With illustrations by Sendak, and words by Krauss, Open House for Butterflies is sweet, funny, and oftentimes soul-stirring in its purity and simplicity. A gem.

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Hello hello!

A monthly post has become the norm. It makes me miss the days when I had time to post more thoughtfully and regularly. Every time I receive an email from a friend via this blog sharing a good bit from the internet, a note of encouragement, or simply to say hello, I feel incredibly encouraged and touched. Thank you all!

I’ve been working full-time for the past few months, and am beginning to feel the separation pangs from not being able to devote as much time on Earlyware and other personal projects. I did, however, manage to update the shop with some prints I developed recently.

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I hope you guys like them!

One more thing before signing off – an incredible ad for The Sunday Times created by London ad agency Grey, London, re-enacting art, film, and music icons in one seamless clip. Scary good.



Design*Sponge did a nice round up of some cool calendars for this new year. I especially like the Prisms, and I’ve also seen The Wild Unknown mentioned often around the internet.

They missed my particular favorite – the Perpetual Calendar by Arina Pozdynak . It’s a dateless calendar, focusing more on seasons and the natural drift of time undivided by days, weeks, or months. Beautifully done.

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Wasara’s tableware is too pretty to eat off just once, but intended for single-use, all products are made of 100% renewable material, like bamboo, reed pulp, and bagasse.

wa4The organic forms are beautifully designed to hold comfortably in your hand. They’re perfect to add an elegant touch to casual dinner parties outdoors under the stars. wa6 wa5 wa1 wa2 wa3 wa8 wa10 wa11 wa7

Ten Beauty Essentials

I’m sharing my favorite beauty/skin care products today; the ones that usually fit into my daily routine –

1. bbBB Cream – I use BB Cream in lieu of liquid or powder foundations. I’ve yet to find another kind of base that provides the coverage, SPF, and moisture that BB Cream gives. I believe the best kind of makeup- either in product or technique- is when others can’t tell you’re wearing any, so the main thing I love about BB Cream is that it evens out my skin tone while still remaining translucent and lightweight.

2. olayCleansing System – I only recently began using a cleansing brush for my skin when I read about the Clarisonic on Bleubird, but now, I can’t imagine ever not using it. It gently exfoliates and cleanses my skin, and after each use my face is able to absorb lotions and makeup nicely and so evenly. My face was glowing ever since its first use. Highly recommend!

3. rosebudRosebud Salve – My beloved little tin of Rosebud Salve. I’ve used it since high school, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it for all my years to come. I put it on my lips every night before going to bed, and my lips stay super soft and hydrated all day. Subtle shine, slight tint, beautiful branding – I love everything about this simple product. It’s great for your cuticles too! After putting it on my lips, I always rub the remaining salve left on my finger into my cuticles.

4.nars-orgasmNARS Blush in Orgasm – This blush makes you look as though you walked a mile in a frigid blizzard, bundled in a thick coat and scarf, with your head down against the falling snow, to arrive home, the inside glowing with candles and a wood-burning fireplace warming a cozy and lively room full of friends and family who are drinking apple cider and laughing heartily, and you walk in and everyone cheers at your arrival, and you feel yourself glowing from the engulfing warmth of gentle fire and so much happiness. That glow.

5. plushMaybelline Mega Plush Mascara – I’ve tried Lancôme’s Definicils, Benefit’s They’re Real!, Diorshow, and many others, and Maybelline’s Mega Plush could stand with them all, for a quarter of the price. I really think the effectiveness of different mascaras depends on the individual’s eyelash thickness, length, the form of their eyelid, and other factors. Mega Plush really works for me, and true to its name, it makes my lashes look full and soft.

benefit-cosmetics-high-beamBenefit High Beam – I bought my first bottle for prom night, but this highlighter has remained with me over the years as a daily beauty favorite. The liquid formula blends in flawlessly, making my skin look dewy and fresh. It’s fantastic at highlighting my cheekbones, and on special nights, I blend some on my brow bones, collarbones, and shoulders as well. It gives me the perfect glow to make me feel glamorous.

elf e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner – I oftentimes find drugstore beauty products to perform just as well as high-end ones, and in this case as well, e.l.f.’s black eyeliner is my daily pick.  The applicator’s fine point makes for precision lining, and the liquid dries quickly on my lids. It’s not waterproof, but as long as you don’t rub your eyes, it’ll stay put throughout the day, even after some tears. I really like how easily it comes off at the end of the night though, because I find my eyes too delicate to have to repeatedly try wiping off thick, smudgy, waterproof eyeliner.

neutrogenaNeutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer – This concealer matches my skin tone perfectly, and has acne medication to treat blemishes while providing flawless coverage. I use a tiny concealer brush to apply the light concealer, and it blends into my skin so well that up close, you can’t see the blemish or the concealer at all.


shu uemuraShu Uemura Eyelash Curler – I’m sure you’ve heard of Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler before. There’s certainly a reason why it’s again and again the leader of the curling pack. It has never pinched my lids (ouch!) , and perfectly curls my lashes with its silicone pads, as though the form of the device was custom made for the shape of my eyelids.



Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick – I usually look really silly with any kind of lipstick on, but my YSL lipstick in Peach Passion is the only kind and color that looks lovely. It comes on smooth and I had originally chose the color for the Spring season, but it so wonderfully transitions over with me into the Fall and Winter. My year-round lipstick. When I find myself in a mad dash in the morning and can’t put on any makeup or do anything with my hair, I flip my head over and twist my hair into a tippy top bun and put on this lipstick, and I instantly look chic and put together. Hooray!00210h_bt_320x320While on the topic of beauty, sometimes, I like funky things…

bright and bold color

karlieklosseyemakeup eyelineraseyeshadow00240h_426x639m-kors_426x639

geometric shapes
eyeliner_beauty7_br_21aug12_pr_b_426x639 eyeliner_beauty2_br_21aug12_pr_b_426x639eyeliner_beauty4_br_21aug12_pr_b_426x63900350h_426x639macbeauty01_V_07feb12_PR_b

And other times I like it natural…

minimalism1_V_30jan12_PR_b 00400big_426x63900330big_426x639

Either way, have fun with it! As with makeup or clothes or accessories, let it frame the true beauty within- the inner parts of a kind soul.

Have a funky weekend!

Model images from Vogue UK and Harper’s Bazaar

Nobutaka Aozaki

New York-based artist Nobutaka Aozaki‘s works make me smile. The first time I heard of Aozaki was from his project, From Here to There, in which Aozaki, pretending to be a tourist in New York, asks pedestrians for directions by having them draw a map to the destination.NobutakaAozaki_WorkNobutaka_Aozaki_map_detail01 From Here to There is an ongoing project, still yet unfinished, as Aozaki composes the small handrawn maps together to form a large map of Manhattan. Nobutaka_Aozaki_map02Value_Added is another one of his projects which I found amusing. The artist takes the same can of corn to multiple supermarket and re-buys it. The single can of corn has been re-bought from 105 supermarkets for a total of $113.07. ( as of June 1, 2013 )
Nobutaka_Aozaki_can_01And another – Open Bag, in which Aozaki walks around the city with a backpack unzipped. Inside the backpack is a voice recorder, capturing the voices of strangers telling him his bag is open. A recording of these fleeting interactions is placed and played back in the open backpack .

Nobutaka_Aozaki_open_bag Nobutaka_Aozaki_openbag_process

Check out more of Nobutaka Aozaki’s works here.

A Day and a Half in SF

Some photos from a weekend trip to San Francisco. The city that holds my heart. DSC_0006 DSC_0010 DSC_0012 DSC_0017Tartine is always the first stop. Oh, scone.DSC_0026Lying on the grass at Dolores Park.
DSC_0081 DSC_0099 DSC_0135 DSC_0144DSC_0153 DSC_0146 DSC_0160A breathtaking hike at Lands End.DSC_0171Dinner at B Star. The tea leaf salad and the spicy shrimp, eggplant, and tomato curry with coconut rice are my favorite dishes. By the time I thought of taking a picture of dinner, most of it was already happily consumed. DSC_0194 DSC_0205 DSC_0211photo-58Saturday Farmers’ Market at the Ferry Building. Blue Bottle Coffee and Roli Roti’s porchetta sandwich for breakfast. A precious indigo bud vase from Heath, and the sweetest pluots from Frog Hollow Farm brought home. DSC_0218A walk around Alamo Square.396159_10100983069108446_486878841_nLunch at Zuni Cafe before heading home.