Juice No. 1 – Tango Pink

When I used to work in Venice, on Abbott Kinney, there was a popular deli/juice bar called Local 1205 a few doors down. I would glance at the menu in passing, but didn’t think twice about paying $9.00 for a jar of apple juice.

But then one day, a dear friend stopped by to visit, with a glass jar of that cold-pressed apple juice in hand for me. The juice was cloudy, a dark amber color. The first sip was surprising. It tasted like an entire crate of sweet, crisp apples were juiced, concentrated, reduced, and squeezed into that 16oz mason jar. It was just apple apple apple. Apple to the hundredth power. It was good.

Local 1205 has a concoction called Floral Spike. It’s made of green apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper. This is my rendition of it, incorporating sweet, summer watermelon. According to the Plochere Color SystemI’d call this Tango Pink. If ever I open up my own juice bar, I think I’d create a menu by color, and offer a spectrum, from White to Black.

Black – Apples, blueberries, lime, and squid ink?


Tango Pink

1 small apple

handful of cubes of watermelon

1/2 lemon

1 inch of ginger

dash of cayenne


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