10¹² Terra

1012d 1012-terra-terrariumsMy heart gasped when I first came across these modern terrariums by 10¹² Terra. Founded in Japan by Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada, 10¹² Terra aims to create products that reflect the constant flux and changes in life. The name 10¹² Terra was inspired by the number of cells reproduced per day (10¹²).

The rectangular chrome and glass vessels suspend the plant over a small basin of water. The transparency- to be able see the entirety of the plant- is stunning. There’s a purity and rawness to see the roots, which are usually hidden under dirt, to see them extend and uninhibitedly drink in the water to stay alive. To live. It’s like seeing the heart.1012a 1012b 1012c


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