Bold and Amazing

Monday thoughts…

There are some things that feel so good to do, and yet, my body and my mind so easily forgets and neglects. Things like, going on a nature walk. Voicing an earnest compliment. Staying near the ocean. Pureeing cauliflower. Giving an unexpected smile. There’s too many.

I took a great risk this past week. I told someone something that I’ve wanted to say for a very long time, and I held my tongue until it got to a point where the relief of letting it out of my heart overpowered the possible grief of an unwanted reply. It felt so, so good to breathe out words that have been imagined and re-imagined being said aloud, and it felt good to say the things I wanted heard by those precious ears. Life is short, and it’s not about saying everything you want to say, because a lot of the things we want to say hurt, but it’s about saying the things that should be said, and letting the other things go.

I’m so inspired by everything that’s been going on at Saipua, especially their newly acquired farm.¬†Visiting The Farm at World’s End is high on my list for my next visit to NY. DesignSponge recently interviewed Sarah Ryhanen, who is the owner of Saipua. Sarah is amazing, bold, and so refreshingly honest, and at my current intersection of work&life&love, boldness and amazing-ness would honestly be very helpful.

Youth should no longer be used as an excuse,

but now be used as a reason.

(Image source: 1., 2., 4. mine; 3. Saipua)


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