Tilapia sashimi + natto, with gochujang and soy sauce and wasabi.

Gochujang (on the left) is a Korean sauce that’s sweet and spicy, made mainly of red chilis. It’s the same sauce you’d use to top bibimbap, and is an ingredient in several Korean dishes. Sometimes I like it simply mixed with hot white rice. With a fried egg on top.

Oh, and the lettuce and green onions on the side are from my garden! I know it’s not much of an achievement that warrants to be exclaimed. I understand green onions grow effortlessly like weeds. But for someone like me, around whom green bananas hesitate to ripen on the counter, it’s a pretty delightful thing.


For anyone who has wanted to try edible gardening, but doesn’t have a yard or much space for that matter, I’d highly recommend Amy Pennington’s Apartment Gardening. She gives simple instructions and helpful explanations on starting and cultivating an edible garden from the urban home.


It’s always enlivening to have fresh herbs and plants in a room, and every time I pull a sprig of rosemary or thyme from my kitchen windowsill to add or garnish a dish, I still get this geeky thrill, and I’m just completely charmed.


Summer tomatoes, I’m ready for you!

(Image source : 1.,2.,3. mine; 4. miekewillems; 5. via inhabitat)


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