Style Defined

How would you describe your style?


It’s an engaging question to ask and to be asked. Style is a physical translation of the inner man, isn’t it? A personal expression by way of a basic necessity.


And no matter what you wear, it’s yours, in your own way. Two people can wear the exact same outfit, and the way they walk, talk, and treat others is what I think determines their style.

paint white

I was tossed this question the other night over dinner with friends, and it was easier to blurt a list of words that come to mind when thinking of what I’m drawn to.

Minimal . Line . Delicate feminine masculinity . Clean . Comfort .

black / grey / navy / white / charcoal

Alexander Wang . Narcisco Rodriguez . Stella McCartney

paris walk cartier

Fashion is present progressive. Of course we know that. Fashion changes, reforms, evolves, transforms itself always to be consumed.




And style? I believe style changes too. Certainly not as rapidly as fashion, but as we live together and move together, by the constant friction within us and among us, the way we walk, talk, and treat others must change itself over time. I don’t know how that would translate exactly into the clothes I wear, but by grace, I hope it means more humbleness, more gentleness, and more love.


And aside from it all, sometimes, style changes from simply not being able to afford Alexander Wang -__-

(Image source: 1. via inaforeignland; 2. love-mazha; 3. via thenotch; 4. bassike; 5. Cartier 1950’s; 6. Wayne Tippetts; 7. via archiebunker; 8. 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag; 9. Dieppa Restrepo; 10. via icekev)


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