I’ve been reading Intellectuals by Paul Johnson. It’s an intriguing look into the personal lives of the minds that have shaped our modern world. So far, I’ve read the case studies of Rousseau and Shelley, and boy, they both were quite mad and dangerously seductive.


I discovered white Moleskine notebooks! I can see them turning quite grungy getting tossed around in my tote bag, but for now, they look as virginal as the pages within.


I found this lovely ring at a local flea market, and it’s one piece of jewelry I keep on everyday. I like jewelry that are barely there – thin lines, delicate shapes, minimal material.


I’ve been munching on these Chocolatey Cats from Trader Joe’s. The cats come in two positions. When I pluck one that is lying obediently like this one here, I spare him and place him back into the tub, until I find those that are positioned like this-


These pouncers are eaten immediately.

The tub is now full of gentle, lying cats.

spared and scared

spared and scared


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