A Recollection

Sailing through this Monday with a recollection of delightful things


Peonies – Peonies can really woo, can’t they? They’re beautiful; the happiest of all blooms.


Simple Things – This shot is from a time when a friend and I dissolved ourselves silly with this down feather that escaped from a pillow. We named her Heather the Feather, fought over her, made up stories about her, and blew her off back and forth. Anyway, it represents the times when the simplest things make you so incredibly happy, because of who you’re with, and what’s inside of you.


Ice Cream – …needs no explanation. Over here we have Blackberry Mint, Salted Caramel, and Cucumber.


Stringed Lights – I like having them everywhere. In my room, dinners on rooftops, in my dream wedding, looped and draped in my head.


Childhood Sentiments – When deep inside, your childhood faith in the life of inanimate objects comes alive again.


Eating Clean


…So You Can Eat Dirty


Candlelit Dinners – When your insides glow because of love, good food, and wine. When there’s nothing of the day left except for this.


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