Susurrus, 2.

There are three things that I eat or drink every single day, without exception: 1. Water. 2. A frozen banana. 3. Tea. I’ve been drinking some incredible teas lately, and wanted to share some of them with you today. We can discuss frozen bananas next time.

Susurrus, 1 & 2

Susurrus, 1 & 2

I probably drink about twenty cups of tea throughout the day. The electric boiler in my kitchen is incessantly on, with large french presses ready to be refilled. Here are a few teas I’ve been enjoying –


Caramel Ruby – This tea was created by mixing roasted green teas with a red rooibos tea. The resulting character is a sweet, smoky, caramel flavor from the rooibos, with the light body of a mild green tea. Its caramel tones make this tea fantastic with milk and honey, but the tea is still delicate enough to enjoy without.


Milk Oolong – I was initially intrigued by this tea because it smelled like buttered popcorn. Once brewed, the rolled leaves unfurl, and the resulting cup has the aroma of sweet cream and tropical fruit, with a light flavor of milk with herbal notes.


Assam – A great black tea, similar to an English Breakfast, but much more smoky and earthy. It’s like English Breakfast’s old and dirty grandpa. I like to steep this strong and enjoy with soy milk.


Genmaicha – A traditional green tea with toasted rice. This one has little pieces of popcorn too. Light and easy to drink anytime, and also wonderful iced.


I prefer loose leaf teas over bagged teas, mainly because loose leaf teas tend to be superior in quality. You can also have more control of its brewing methods, and all this lends to creating a terrific cup of tea. But there are many fantastic bagged teas I keep on hand as well, for hurried times when convenience is more of an issue. Here’s a few from my cupboard –


Clockwise from bottom left

Harney & Sons White Peach – The white peach flavor is so delicate and sweet. I like to enjoy a cup after lunch. It also makes an incredibly refreshing iced tea, with some fresh mint leaves.

Peet’s Chai – Peet’s makes a good chai, spicier than others I’ve tried. I steep two bags and enjoy it with soy milk, agave, and a dash of cinnamon. I like my chai spicy!

Korean Barley – A traditional Korean tea of roasted barley. So common among Koreans, it’s often served in lieu of water at restaurants. I prefer it iced.

H&S Paris Tea – One of my all-time favorites. A black tea with Bergamot, vanilla, and citrus notes. With a little cream, there is nothing better. I can not praise this tea enough; I love it madly.


“Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasure of company.”                                       – unknown



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