Winter Longings


Paper Planes, 1.

There were thick clouds in the sky, a hard downpour of rain, and a chill in the air this morning. While still lingering in a nonsensical dream state seconds after waking up, I lied in bed and pictured myself holding Winter’s grey face with my hands, asking him to stay.

Winter longings.

I’ve been reading up on recipes from several food sites and blogs of long-simmered stews and luxurious braises to warm the wintered soul. Loved friends from snowy regions continually post photos of both the glorious and devastating aftermath of blizzards and snowstorms. I’d browse through them wistfully while sipping on some iced tea.


Paper Planes, 3.

Winter in California has been a different story. For the most part, a much brighter, sunnier one. The days here are beautiful, there is no question, but for a soul who romanticizes over foggy mornings warmed by Paris tea lattes, cashmere socks and steel cut oatmeal topped with almonds, honey, and a puddle of cream, California’s hurried transition towards warmer temperatures has me sighing every early morning when I open my eyes to a full-on spectacular sunrise for the seventy-five degreed day.


The cashmere socks are then peeled off. Silly feet.


On much warmer mornings, I tend to go for cold breakfasts- smoothies, yogurt parfaits, cold cereal with sliced frozen bananas. This simple yogurt bowl is one of my favorites- cream-lined yogurt, a spoonful of chia seeds, a long drizzle of agave nectar. I used to regularly bring home low fat yogurt quite thoughtlessly, but not long ago I tried full fat for the first time, and it took me a while to get over all inner remorse for not having done so sooner. The flavor of full fat yogurt kindles my inner infantile taste for pure milk, and there is a very subtle hint of deep beef essence, a flavor I savor when eating rich bone marrow or full-bodied beef broth made from hours of boiling cows’ hooves and knees.


I realize the likelihood that I may be completely alone on that last sentence, but I hope it didn’t turn you off.


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